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(This is why I use D.Dgo primarily, the promise that they don't have massive server farms building databases on you and selling that info.)
My concerns, concerning D.Dgo.
I'm a bit unsure here about the level of anonymity in today's current escalating incorporation of technology in our lives.
There's daily rising evidence to prove that our lives are no longer as private as much as you would think.
The giant web search engine 'Google' has dominated the market for analytics's and always will track your web searches to provide a "better service" for its user (you and me), and I'm not sure that opening Goolge Chrome and then going through D.Dgo for the web browser offers any protection from the tracking of Google. I mean, they (Google) know my i.p, know my search histories better than I do and opening D.Dgo through Google Chrome seems like although D.Dgo don't track you, your still using D.Dgo on Google (which means non stop tracking).
I know that the point of D.Dgo isn't to change your i.p or mac address but simply, they don't track your searches and instead employ communities of intellectuals to find ways of making searching the web easy, fun and of course relevant.

My question is of course, "where is the line drawn where Google are not part of our internet experience of countless privacy invasions?".
And by that I mean; does Google track you even through the D.Dgo web browser?

D.Dgo =

<!--I use Yahoo and pull the blinds down at night so the CIA can't peek in the window.-->

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A point of clarification: DDG is a search provider and not a browser. A browser is the program\app like FireFox, IE, Chrome, etc. that you use to connect to web sites like DDG.

The search information that you provide to DDG is encrypted, so it's not being tracked. Once you leave DDG and go to any other web site, you are left to the privacy (or lack thereof) of that web site.
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Thank you, that clears a whole lot up for me. And again, thanks
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Okay, some basic advice and knowledge.

- DuckDuckGo is fairly secure (https and all). They also claim not to store any personal data, so they're pretty good.
- Chrome is owned by Google and Google is not known for privacy. Google CAN see your searches in Chrome as well as all the pages you click on. Thus, I would suggest you switch to Firefox.
- Any site you go to can know that you did. They also can see that you came from DDG, but the CANNOT see what search you performed (they can with Google).
- Some sites use Google services. These services do watch your movement around the web and have a pretty good idea of where you go. If you use Firefox, then you can get NoScript which will block and unblock JavaScript at your choice by domain name. This will help protect some of your privacy from sites such as:
- googleapis
- googleadservices
- google-analytics
- doubleclick
- Firefox also allows you to delete cookies from particular sites. This means that Google and other sites won't be able to link some data about you to other data about you that were recorded at different times.
- Try to use https://* sites more than http://* sites (means NSA can't peak so easily).

Your privacy on the web generally depends on how easy it is to compromise your privacy. The NSA can look decrypt your https connections, but it would take a lot of time, money and computing power. Thus, they'd have to be particularly interested in you. They can't do https decryption on everyone.

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