Question: Jitsi and's XMPP service certificate error?

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Created: 4 years and 3 months ago
Hi, I recently installed jitsi and wanted to use's XMPP service so i went through the motions but when I tried to connect I got the following:
"Jitsi can't verify the identity of the server when connecting to [,]."

Unfortunately (or fortunately i guess meaning its not common) I wasn't able to find much info searching around so here I am posting. I wasn't able to elicite much of a response from the jitsi mailing list so thought I would try to forum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hello buddy,

you are not alone with this problem. I have moved to Jitsi mainly because of the top-notch level of security, they provide.
But unfortunately there is no support - no forum where one can ask questions, I mailed several questions to their dev mailing list and no reply ever... Like you are e-mailing /dev/null...
So, let's go back to the issue. I have registered at But the server is down since yesterday morning without any explanation (hmmm, why am I NOT surprised!!). So I went ahead and register to a numerous amount of free XMPP servers - every time when I try to login afterwards, I am getting the certificate error that you are mentioning.
Initially, I thought - stay away of unverified server... But in the meantime I am getting this error on every server and I've tried at least 4 or 5 more... Also, note that not every server is suitable for calls with Jitsi - it needs to support jingle as well. I have searched for a list of XMPP jingle servers, but I didn't find such a list! Perhaps someone can help us out here...
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I think you are correct in using Jitsi, but personally I only use Jitsi for outgoing SIP to PSTN (legacy telephone lines). You would probably find Pidgin a whole lot less of a headache to setup with XMPP. I'mm using it right now..

It does sound like a Jitsi specific problem though...if that's of any help.

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