DuckDuckGo browser? I think it would be best - you'd be up there with firefox and Tor :D

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Hope you make one soon - would be epic: maybe have he duck as your google voice search? :D Quack Quack...

Sumimaasen? Koko doko desuka? :D

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This idea of a DDG browser has been discussed frequently on these forums:

At one point an effort was undertaken to create a DDG branded browser, but it was quickly found that:
1. Creating a new browser is a huge undertaking
2. It's better to use Firefox (or Pale Moon) with anti-tracking extensions and (optionally) TOR.

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No worries - thanks for the reply. The problem with tor or 'tails' is the man in the middle attacks. You never really know if your connection is truly safe. The only way (with these browsers) is to increase the number of people using them locally. Otherwise, big problem.

It's probably best to not use the internet :)

Thanks again for the reply.
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Tor actually prevents man-in-the-middle attacks by encrypting (and obfuscating) and connection between yourself and the exit node. From there on, the communication is plaintext until it reaches its destination, unless you use SSL/TLS. Connections that do not exit the Tor network are end to end encryption (ie - .onion URLs). The only potential point of attack for a MITM is when one uses Tor to browse the clearweb with plain HTTP. Anyone who taps your line between the exit node and destination can intercept communications. Your ISP, however, would not know where you went or what you did - although they could discover that you use Tor if you do not use a relay.

I suspect even a DDG branded browser could not solve this problem - the only way to make sure your communications are end to end encrypted is with HTTPS.
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Using tails or tor won't make it easier to be man-in-middle attacked
You misunderstand the warning page on tails site

It means using these services make your browsing more securely but still have weakness,you should interpret that in this way
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You can check the DuckDuckGo on Google Play
It've already a browser and can be configured to browse via tor
It's UI has no tabs like tor browser on Android do
But pages or links in DuckDuckGo browser can be shared via a brilliant option:
Open in external browser

You can use intent intercept to receive image's url and put it into chrome to perform search by image
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The app DuckDuckGo Search and Stories is available for both Android and iOS. While is does have limited browsing capabilities, it is not designed as a primary browser.

Typically when users post a request for a DDG browser they are looking for a desktop\laptop browser to replace IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. Again, a project of this scope is not on DDG's radar and we suggest that you use the add-ons for your browser found at
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At least it's a browser, but not termed as a browser
It can be configured to not to save search history
I'm pretty happy with it when I want to search without trace

A replacement for IE, Firefox, Chrome or some regular browser might not what DuckDuckGo will do
Because these browser stores historys, bookmarks for users convenience

I use DuckDuckGo Search and Stories in parallel with other browser, might act as a utility, but I'll call that I switch between browser for different job,I use firefox for my post, use chrome to search by image, etc.

Think about the years that people browser web using lynx, w3m
Richard Stallman still uses wget to browse web :)
I think DuckDuckGo Search and Stories has enough function to be recognized as a browser, but not a type that a browser these years be normally imaged to be like
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