DuckDuckGo Android app redesign.

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Could you update the android app as I feel the ui and look of the app is a bit outdated. Could you make it look more like the web version redesign and even incorporate Google's material design into the app? If you could incorporate "Material Design" then I will switch from chrome beta to the duckduckgo application in a heartbeat! I also think it will get you a bit more known! If you do not know what Google material design is, I will link some images below!
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But Google trademark icon seens outdated,a letter g compare to a duck

As my experience,the UI from Google is not the best,and Firefox is awful
Try Tint browser

But I use Google chrome too
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Have you seen the pictures above? Google material design (which is going to be widely brought out when android L comes out soon) looks gorgeous in my opinion! And I meant the chrome BETA browser which is available on google play! That uses a few style elements from material but does not allow for DDG to be added in list of search engines!
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I do meant that I use Google chrome beta on Android

When I inspect carefully into the pictures
One thought come to mind
Is that Tizen?

I guess you should also like the design of Tizen
Take a look at it

But I prefer the feel of Fedora UI
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