Why is Catalonia a country option?

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This is mostly a general question. I found it weird that, when region selecting, Catalonia appears as an option, and then appears again as "Spain (ca)". I'm guessing the second one is language related, but then again, you can choose language (where other regional spanish languages are included, like Galician. Awesome! :D). So, any ideas?

Is this some sort of political side-taking from DuckDuckGo? I found it very odd.


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Because Catalunya is not Spain! <phun intended>
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 7 months ago Link
Please remove Catalonia as a Country option, Catalonia is not a sovereign state and having it added along with the rest of the actual states is confusing.

It could be added as a subregion of Spain, although it is done by Spain (ca) already.
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Oh, and in the language options, ca_ES is translated as "Català a Catalunya" which is also incorrect, it should be "Català a Espanya".

This also applies to ast_ES, gl_ES and eu_ES-PV, being the latter eu_ES as the real code to use.

Please do not let politics invade DDG and stick with reality.
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I did not know this country existed until now.
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I hear it's nice this time of year.
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I would like to add that Catalan is not only spoken in Catalunya, but Balear Isles and Comunitat Valenciana.
(It's sure (some of) you know Valencia's fallas and Ibiza's beaches and parties). So it is good to reduce it to "Spain (ca)".
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This debate should not be about if Catalunya is a country or not.
DuckDuckGo allows us to choose a REGION, not a country or a state. And even more! Catalonia has its own domain (.cat).

Spain (ca) is okay to search between Spanish web pages in Catalan, but the Catalonia region option it is also needed.
Now we need Euskadi or Galiza among those regions.
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