DDG would be the perfect search engine if you were able to leave out all the commercial crap.

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I was looking for technical information about a certain hardware device i have at home and among the first 100 results were 98 results about where i can buy it. I already bought it. I want 100 search results with NO shops in them.

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Hi, can you please provide an example search query?
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Amen. I've also had the opposite problem -- sometimes I am just looking for the best price, thank you. We should be able to have it both ways. In the OLD days of search engines you could just include the symbol $ or exclude it. I liked that.
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Did you try to add in your search -shop ?
Use minus (-) before a word or phrase to have it not appear in results. Excluded words must be the last words in the search.
I don't know if it helps....
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