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most of time when i am looking for article its quite hard to judge which one is newer and which one is older. and i end up clicking older one.
this is critical when searching for technical information.
need date ahead of every post/article

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While it's still limited, try using the syntax described here.
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thank you for reply
!date is very helpful but is there anyway that whenever i write something every thing get sort by date by default
we need not to write !date every time
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thanks for tip. It's not obvious for newbies and average internet users to find out this kind of syntaxes. However, I tried it and found that the numer of results by using S:D (sort on date) was only 5, wheares without this sorting, it's about 100 results.

I guess the problem is DDG doesn't record date. Suggestion is that if publicatoin date isn't available, DDG should register 'crawling' date. Most of the times it is not important to have the exact data, to know if it's recent or years old would help tremendous already.

Filtering on period of time (last week, last month) i use a lot on google. It is a very important way in selecting 'relevance'.

DDG leaving out results when it doens't have a date seems not to best possible way to handle. Maybe set default date on a fixed old magical date (like start of internet) so it will show up in the result list at least!'

All in all, date-time stamping and using is imho a must have for any search engine, it's a key value in relevance. Maybe I overlook options or need more complex quering. Like to learn about the possiblities/impossibilities
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Thanks for feedback, current situation is that DDG does not have enough data to sort stuff by date.
Yes syntax s:d works but gives way less results, hopefully this will change in future!
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