KeePass Phishing/Malware website at top of search results

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Created: 4 years and 2 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 2 months ago
Could DDG put an option to filter out known phishing/malware websites? Perhaps a 'report this link' next to the result? We wouldn't need to login but we'd just click 'report' and then specify phishing/malware/spam/whatever category. Or maybe require us to login. Whatever.

Ever since LastPass had certain security breaches/issues, many people look for a local solution like KeePass (Open Source Password Manager).
I've been recommending it but unfortunately there's an official-looking impersonation page run by some French company that leads to adware/malware websites.

Official site:

Imposter site:

Imposter Site Run by 'Brand Access'
Contact info:

Phone : +33 1 45 26 78 62 – Fax : +33 9 56 75 83 79

Brand Access
57 rue d’Amsterdam 75008
Paris, France

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I just pushed a fix for this. It will take some hours to be released from the cache. A community leader, JLG, has reported it to the ops team.
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Cool, that's awesome :-)
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