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Created: 4 years and 3 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 3 months ago
I'm trying to use the Safari extension with the current release of Safari on iMac with Mavericks. DDG is set as the default search engine. Search text entered in the omnibar just opens up a generic DDG search page and the text in the omnibar reapers in curly brackets. I have installed the latest DDG extension.

By the way Google search works fine from the omnibar, it's just DDG that fails.

Any suggestions?

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If you have the latest version of Mavericks, DDG is one of the default search engines. Safari > Preferences... > Search > Make DDG the search engine. Hope this helps!
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Unfortunately no it doesn't help. That option is selected but doesn't work.
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The solution to this issue is storing the Master Password in the iOS keychain. This allows 1Password to respect the timeout settings even if the app is closed in the background. If you do not use the iOS keychain, 1Password can only 'remember' your Master Password while it is open. As soon as the iOS closes 1Password in the background to reclaim memory resources, the Master Password is 'forgotten' and you'll need to re-enter it when you open the app again.

I hope this helps to explain things, I know it's a bit tricky - we are here if you have any further questions or concerns!
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I'm unclear about the relevance of 1Password to my original question. As it happens I use Dashlane but anyway here's further information.

I just upgraded to OS X Yosemite. I can now search with DDG from the omnibox in Safari 8.0 on Yosemite BUT only if I uninstall Glims. However, without extensions like Glims and the one for "New Tab Button" Safari is just too annoying to use. So I'm sticking with Chrome (where DDG and lots of other extensions work fine).

Case closed.
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