Duckduckgo Setting/Preferences stored with Duckduckgo Add-On inside Firefox.

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Many users like me set Firefox preferences in such a way that every time someone close Firefox, Cookies & Sites Preferences get cleared.

Hence, to load my customized setting, either I have to enter Pass-phrase. This problem can be solved by storing Duckduckgo site preferences like theme, WOT on/off, Search results font and Privacy settings etc. inside Duckduckgo add-on, so that user don't have to set them every time. Also option for reset settings to default can be provided in case required.

If there is any problem in implementing this and serving User Privacy Goals simultaneously then my settings should be loaded automatically everytime I open DDG website in a similar way Firefox fills saved password. The pass-phrase for DDG cloud settings can be stored in an encrypted for within Firefox or within DDG Plus Add-On.

Please comment/reply/discuss this.. That will help me to understand other aspects or problem in implementing this..

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Any issue with the URL parameters option?
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I checked out the thread linked up by TV, and made a post. Surely, that's nice and all... But as I said I would prefer THIS idea, using some addon to preserve your settings without the need for cookies, and or annoying parameters... I use custom homepages and don't want to set duckduckgo itself under these parameters as my homepage, regardless I implement a duckduckgo search bar in my homepages.
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Since we usually dont know who are we dealing with in first post, I apologize, now i understand the concept of thread.
It's indeed good idea to have saved cloud settings inside of the addon (locally). If you are willing to hack the browsers, go a head would be excellent starting point.
Current issues of FF addon:
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I think the solution you want has been implemented here:
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