DuckDuckGo censored by commercial web blocking software!

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Created: 4 years and 5 months ago
Hi DDG community,

I'm hear to report something I find quite unsettling. I have been using DuckDuckGo for a number of years now and have been enjoying the settings sync between school, home and elsewhere. I also like that DDG is gaining momentum amongst privacy advocates, etc. Recently, however, I have been unable to visit DuckDuckGo in my school due to archaic/draconian internet restrictions put in place to safeguard against questionable content. I have raised my issues to the administrators with no success and they recommend that I use Google!!!

But the thing is, my school's firewall is supplied by an external company called Lightspeed Systems who are generally quite helpful but do operate on a block-first-ask-later methodology. On this occasion, however, they have refused outright to honour requests for DDG to be removed from the database of blocked websites. You can visit Lightspeed's database here. As you can see, DuckDuckGo has been blocked as a 'security threat' as it apparently allows users to bypass the firewall provided by this company. Which is, as far as I'm aware, untrue. If you look to the right column, you can see that there is a contact form to submit a site for review, if you could perhaps contact this company to allow access to DuckDuckGo, that would be great. I have tried before but they essentially shunned me and said that they would not verify their categorisation was correct.

This is an awful abuse of power from this company who should be allowing access to education websites and not debilitating student's internet access. If you could just take a couple of minutes to contact them about this, that would be great. I hope you didn't get bored reading this, I'm just passionate about DuckDuckGo. :-)

Adam Galloway

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Unsettling indeed... I just visited the URL you linked and it states "Manually moved to security.proxy by LIGHTSPEED\lori at 9/10/2014 10:08 AM (Embedded player allows users to view youtube via https)".

I believe the justification is technically accurate (and Google's embedded Youtube player is http only, even when searched thru https) I don't see how using https for watching Youtube could be a security risk.
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I'm thinking that it's something to do with their firewall software being unable to block websites using SSL (it sometimes returns an error rather than a block page). But this is somewhat irrelevant as they do not filter traffic from YouTube, at least I think not.
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Thanks for notice, that's truly embarrassing. Hopefully DDG staff will handle this.
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Just thought I'd post here again as a bit of a bump for anyone who could help report this error to the company and also to add that the domain: is not filtered by this company, whereas DuckDuckGo is!
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