Statcounter detects the global rise of DDG

Mallart Mallart
Created: 4 years and 4 months ago
Conditions in the statistic used to find the information:
-search engine (all platforms excluding consoles)
-period of 6 weeks
-specific regions (as listed below)

Within the last 6 weeks, the website has detected the rise of DDG in the following countries listed below. You can always tweak the period to see how much DDG has risen over time. For example, DDG was not on the Liechtenstein’s radar 12 months ago. Yet 6 months ago it had captured 0.29% of the country’s share. It has now reached 0.36%, making it the fourth largest search engine in Liechtenstein after Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Andorra: 0.1% uses DDG (Ask Jeeves at 0.63%
Australia: 0.07% uses DDG (Ask Jeeves at 0.38%)
Canada: 0.12% uses DDG (Ask Jeeves at 0.29%)
Cayman Island: 0.21% uses DDG (Ask Jeeves at 0.70%)
Liechtenstein: 0.36% uses DDG (Ask Jeeves at 0.17%)
Sweden: 0.07% uses DDG (Ask Jeeves at 0.33%)

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