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I just wanted to share this with you.

A high-speed script for searching with duckduckgo (if you are a linux user).
open an empty file and fill it with this one-liner:
firefox https://www.duckduckgo.com/?q="$*"&kl=be-nl
Some explanation:
The string ?q="$*" is a restitution for anything you pass with your command (firefox), and kl=be-nl is the code for your preferred region.

Go on and:
• save the file,
• name it for instance 'ddg',
• change permissions of the file to +x
• add the folder where you saved your file to you path
Now you can execute the file with any argument as a search string by choosing "execute a command" and typing in the dialog window:
ddg <one or more words to search for>
Your browser will open a page with the results of your search.

This is realy fast!

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Nice, for those that would like to implement more parameters in this script check out this page
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