I don't know where to ask this - When i enlarge one of the pictures on an image search - how to go back to all the images?

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Created: 4 years and 2 months ago • Updated: 4 years and 2 months ago
I'm sorry. I have tried for a week to figure it out. I enlarge an image. I now want to return to all the images but I see no X or way to just close the large image. So I hit the back button and am taken all the way back to the Content search. Now I have to choose Images again and start over.

Yes, I' am sure I am missing the obvious. Can someone explain how to resolve this? Thanks.

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I think I understand what you say. You can do two things I guess ...

1. Open the image in a new tab.


2. Enable the following option in the configuration page of DuckDuckGo:

New window

Open results in new windows or tabs

I do not know if there is a better solution. :(
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Okay. First of all I was wrong - I can enlarge it once withing DDG. I can exit that and remain in DDG images.

It's when I click on the enlargement - it takes me to the website the image originated from - and then if I hit the back button - instead of taking me back to the image selections on DDG it takes me back to the text results. It jumps over the image results for some reason. In Google it will take me back to the image selections.

Your solution will work for me. If I open in a new tab I can preserve my DDG images page. Thanks.
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Yup, new tab would work. Btw shortcut for opening new tab is to hold CTRL while clicking on image (for windows users) and CMD (for os x users).
On top of that you can enable in settings to open new tabs by default when you click on any image.
To set that go to settings and click "New window" -> ON
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