A web browser made by Duck Duck Go

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Created: 4 years and 3 months ago
I wish to build a web browser which made by DDG.

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Not going to happen. Try some of these https://duck.co/help/desktop/other-brows...
posted by TV 4 years and 3 months ago Link
This was discussed at length over a year ago and though it wasn't on the DDG developers' radar, there was a small (albeit short-lived) project to look into the viability of a DDG browser. The conclusion was that it would be best to use FireFox (or Pale Moon) with privacy extensions instead of attempting to build and maintain a separate browser from scratch.

You can read about all this at: https://duck.co/forum/thread/1575/duckdu...

There is also a very current thread in these forums regarding this same topic:
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Highly unlikely to happen as said before
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