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I created an Instant Answers API client application in Erlang:

In the process, I created a general HTTP client wrapper (although the authentiction piece is not relevant here) which erlduck implements.

I'm working on the UI piece and then I plan to set up a web service as a front end to these instant answers under Cowboy web server. I've been a long time DuckDuckGo user and I've read through API documentation and didn't find anything potentially horrible I would be doing by the above; please let me know if so.

Finally, my question is: can I mix DuckDuckGo instant answers with other sources (including my own) in my results, as long as i clearly differentiate the source?

Thank you!

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Ping - any feedback or answer to my question?
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Based on, as long as DDG is being attributed and it's non-commercial you should be fine. :)
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