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Created: 4 years and 21 days ago • Updated: 4 years and 20 days ago
Having switched back and forth between 'another' search engine and duckduckgo for a while I've been recommending it to everyone but the MOST important bit of feedback I think DDG should take on board is this.
The logo looks like something a five year old came up with.
It puts off lots of people from setting it as their default search engine because of that stupid logo.
Yes, I HAD to use caps there because I feel it was necessary.
PLEASE oh PLEASE DDG, get your image sorted.
ANYTHING other than that ridiculous logo would be advantageous to your plight.
It would even look better with nothing there or just text but I believe that LOGO is LIMITING your capabilities and acceptance.
I hope this is not taken out of context as DDG is great and I seriously appreciate and respect the company for what it is and how they go about their business.
Please oh please oh pleassssse, get rid of that daft logo.

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Lots of people love Dax and think that he looks great just the way he is (probably due to the green bow tie). I hope he stays just the same as he is.
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader4 years and 20 days ago Link
The logo is not ridiculous, it is beautiful. :<
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 20 days ago Link
I'm considering a Dax tattoo now.
posted by anothernewphone Staff4 years and 20 days ago Link
Lmao !
Seriously ?
It might seem like a good idea today but I can imagine the word 'regret' may well be of significance....XD
posted by NelMac 4 years and 19 days ago Link
I love Dax and his smart looking bow tie.

Also, what 'limiting capabilities and acceptance' are you referring to?
posted by Mallart 4 years and 20 days ago Link
Dax is love, Dax is life.
posted by sgarr 4 years and 20 days ago Link
posted by apr181 4 years and 18 days ago Link
posted by TV 4 years and 20 days ago Link
NelMac your avatar looks nice
posted by buckeye 4 years and 20 days ago Link
Haha, thanks !
posted by NelMac 4 years and 19 days ago Link
I quite like it. Moves away from the commercialized look.
posted by idanoo 4 years and 19 days ago Link
Hi all and thanks for your replies !
I might have been a bit 'harsh' but I still think my comment is appropriate and relevant !
I deal with a lot of people and equipment and I strongly support DDG's efforts but when I recommend users to switch and load up DDG for the first time, (on their machine(s)), their initial reaction always seems the same, in that, when presented with, (who I now know to be), 'DAX', everyone is all smiles and nice...., however...., a week later I'll see their machine displaying DDG's main competitor yet again and the common trait I've noticed is that the users always mention 'DAX' !
Cheers !
posted by NelMac 4 years and 19 days ago Link
Dax is my BAE!!!!!!!
posted by apr181 4 years and 17 days ago Link
Are you sure it is honestly because of Dax, or do you think that was just an easy go-to excuse? I mean, let's not forget that the name of the search engine itself is DuckDuckGo which isn't exactly the internet's pinnacle of adulthood and professionalism. It's probably more a reason of familiarity with the more popular search engine you're speaking of than an issue with the logo's appearance. The logo is just may be the most glaringly-obvious difference that they notice first.
Also, if the logo was such an off-putting issue, wouldn't that turn them away almost immediately, as opposed to a week later? That's how it would be for me.

All this being said, I really hope they never change Dax.
posted by AguaBottle 4 years and 16 days ago Link
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