A Couple Small Privacy Concerns

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Created: 4 years and 19 days ago

I have a couple concerns I'd like to share:

First, duck.co seems to leave a tracking cookie behind, I'm not sure why. Could it just be the software you're using (I remember something like that in the past).

Second is Bing ads. I understand why you can't just use your own ad system. However, when you click on a Bing ad, it redirects through MSN so that DDG can be payed it's share (and so the advertiser can be charged). Unfortunatly Microsoft does not have the same look on privacy and one can be certain that one is being tracked through that.

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You're right about the cookie, there's one even if you don't login. I hope they'll remove it.

About the ads, your searches are anonymized and they don't pass the referer header.
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I know they don't pass the referrer header. However, Bing can still track users by their clicks on ads, knowing what ad they clicked on, when and where they went. This data can be used to target more ads to users off of DDG.

I think it would be possible for DDG to create an ad system and use it with Bing but encourage advertisers to use the native one (better placement or cheaper prices perhaps). Slowly as DDG gains more traffic and prominence, advertisers would begin to advertise on DDG directly.
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Still waiting for a reply here, why DDG uses a cookie here even if you're not logged in? I don't like that "ddgc_web_session" cookie.
Furthermore, in EU zone you must notice the user about tracking cookies before setting them, with a well visible text, or you could have some legal issues: more info.
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The cookie is still there, I'll keep bumping this thread until we have an answer.
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Here's why duck.co places a cookie:

The session cookie is currently used when not logged in as a spam mitigation tool. There is a unique token generated from a session cookie which prevents phishing of usernames/passwords. This is a tradeoff for having anonymous accounts that people spam :)

We're making some infrastructure changes so that the session cookie isn't needed as much: https://github.com/duckduckgo/community-...
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Thanks finally for the answer. I hope they'll find a different method soon.
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According to Blur and Privacyfix, duck.co doesn't seem to put a tracking cookie, I don't believe they do that, otherwise Duckduckgo will receive many complaints from users, beside where are you getting this from where they place tracking cookies on your browser?
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I'm not saying they're going to track me, but as long as a cookie has a unique id value then you're identifyable, so you never know.
You can see your cookies browsing some menus depending on your browser. For example in Firefox, click the padlock in the URL bar -> click the more info button -> in security tab, click the "show cookies" button.
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Regarding the traffic cookie: Perhaps you have some saved setting for DDG and they need to who you are in order to present your saved setting to you?
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No, I'm speaking about duck.co , not duckduckgo.com.
This community platform doesn't need settings and that cookie is present even if you're not logged in.
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