Result date range option (I really miss this from Google)

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I really miss this feature from Google search, and regularly bounce back to Google for it.

Option for setting the date range of results.

When searching for tech answers to tech errors, sometimes the most popular (linked-to) results are too old to be relevant, so I change Google's "Search Tools" option from "Any Time" to "Past Year" or "Past Month." A good example of this is looking for answers to tech problem on a new release of an operating system, e.g., Yosemite OS X 10.10.x or a symptom of a new computer virus: you probably don't want result pages from 2007 even if they're most popular page for that search term. I use the date range limitation frequently in Google because website data spans decades.

If DuckDuckGo had the date range option I'd rarely need to bounce over to Google.

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I agree and I believe many users would never come back to G if there is accurate sort by date feature implemented, however...we'd like to do a lot more with dates, but don't have great data for them yet.
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RE: "If you use our sort by date feature (for recent pages) there is a date displayed next to each domain. You can use that feature by typing s:d at the end of the query (which is short for sort:date) or by typing !date at the end of your query (which is our sort-by-date !bang.)"

Yes!!! Thank you! I think that if this were more visually available as an option, many more users would use it.
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Youre welcome
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even though that is true that these commands exists somewhere, it is very user-unfriendly and not something a new user would figure out.
Just a simple dropdown (day, this week, this month, this year, 3years) would fix that.
Actually, I had to do a sort by date on google to check if such a function even exists on DDG, which illustrates theres an issue there ;)
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