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Created: 6 years and 5 months ago • Updated: 3 years and 11 months ago
With more dynamic web, an option to sort the results by date can be very useful.

Be it a search for a political leader, a programmers code help, latest softwares, movie reviews... whenever a user is seeking solutions - an option to view the latest results can be very useful.

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I don't see any menu option to sort on my iPad DDG. This is an old post so perhaps the sort is somewhere else now?

I did try d:s on this search:
new zealand ivory petition s:d

But it yields very low quality results.

I'd love to access the regular algorithm, but restricting results to the last X months.
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This type of enhancement wouldn't really be a Zero-click Info plugin. Can you let us know how you arrived at this page to suggest it? Enhancement requests like these can be directed to our community platform ( ) or sent via our Feedback page ( )

Currently, there's an option to sort results by date (newest to oldest) that you can access through the dropdown menu next to the search box. You can also trigger this sorting by adding s:d to the end of your search terms (short for sort:date).

On dates, check out:
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Thank for pointing out that there is already an option to sort results by date. I was particularly looking for that very option. It works wonderfully.

I arrived at this page as I started looking for some way to sort results and thus clicked on More >> Goodies. As I went through list, in the end it said "If you have an idea for something new, please suggest it or go for it!" and I ended up suggesting it here.

However, it solves the purpose. Thanks :).
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Please refer to the comment added to this page : )
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