How to return image search results immediately?

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Created: 3 years and 7 days ago • Updated: 3 years and 6 days ago
Using the !i bang command (example below) returns Google image search results, at least it does for me despite specifying DDG as the default search engine:

cute puppies !i

Typing that in Safari's URL field returns Google image search results. I do not want to use Google.

Is there a way to enter a URL to return DDG's image search results immediately, in other words, without having to perform a search first, followed by clicking the "Images" tab?

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It's not possible currently, but if they'll create a dedicated page for images, a new !bang will be made for sure.
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Yep, and it's easy. First an explanation.
DDG has 2 very powerful and very different features: 1) !Bangs ; 2) Instant Answers (IA)
A bang (like !I) is an instruction for DDG to perform your search on another site. Common ones are !I (search for images on G), !IG (search for images on Bing), !W (return results from Wikipedia), etc. Click here for a complete list of available bangs.

Instant Answers look for specific search words and, if found, return immediate results in the header area of the DDG results page. In your example, you could just enter the search phrase cute puppies and get an immediate display of puppy pictures. If you want to assure that your search results will include images, just include the word image in your search phrase, as in this example.
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"just include the word image in your search phrase"

That's easy enough!

The reason for asking is that I would like to create a URL for someone else to use that would result in a DDG image search.

In the case of the example I cited, the following will work:

It's the &ia=images part that I was seeking, and I realize I did not explain that well.


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In my example of "cute puppies" adding &ia=images at the end works:

That URL returns a page with Images already selected. That's what I want.

... but as 15a2 wrote it only appears to work with search results commonly associated with images. If you want to search for images of something more esoteric like a Stirling engine, using

... returns the "about" page. While that is very cool, it's not what I want.

As I wrote a year and a half ago, I do not want to use the !i bang because it essentially redirects to a Google search... and I am motivated to promote DDG instead.

Please can we have a !Bang for images?
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Edit to add: Clicking the link I posted

will return a page full of images. That's what I want!

If you copy and paste that link though, it will return the "About" page.

What I want to do is to be able to forward, email or otherwise take that bare URL and have its recipient paste it into their browser's URL field, whatever browser they might be using, and have it return a DDG page full of Stirling engine images. I hope I'm explaining it correctly.
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I've tried copy and paste with your link (via email and IM) and it works as expected.
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Pasting the bare text


in Safari's URL field results in the "About" page.

Clicking the link in this message results in the "page full of images".

How does the same URL result in different pages? What I describe happens exactly the same with Firefox. I don't have any other browsers to test.
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Strange indeed... I just tested using macOS Sierra and Safari 10, pasted your URL from above and it opened the images page, not an About page. Is it possible that there's an extension that causing this issue?
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Excellent question!

I do not use any Safari Extensions (or third party plugins etc), but you got me thinking along those lines.

In Safari's Preferences, I changed the default search engine from DDG to Yahoo. Copying and pasting the bare URL opened the "page full of images" that I want.

Changing it back to DDG opened the "About" page. So, it's something Safari is doing, despite pasting a bare URL.

I thought the user's search engine preference in Safari should have no effect on pasting a bare URL, but that's clearly wrong.
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Well that's odd but I'm glad that you're on the right track to resolving this!
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