Why a Separate Spanish Translation for Each Country?

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Created: 3 years and 11 months ago
There are separate translations for Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, among others. However, I don’t understand the need to give each one its own unique translation. What I have found is that most of them are poorly translated and often leave many elements still in English. There is only really a difference between these dialects in informal speech (talk among friends, slang, expressions, etc.); formal Spanish is understood everywhere. Even works with informal speech such as books, movies, games, etc. only separate their Spanish translations between European and Latin American Spanish as making one for each region is just unnecessary. This is also the way many websites (Google, Facebook, and co.) separate their localizations, although even then some sites only have one Spanish translation as the two (again, in formal speech) are identical.

I propose that DuckDuckGo unifies all the Spanish translations into just Spanish, or at least just keep European and Latin American Spanish if you find that your site makes a lot of jokes and friendly talk to its users. A separate “Region” setting can be used to determine what currency, time zone, clock format, measuring system, and relevant search results are used (or just let the user determine these options individually). Having just one or two Spanish translations means more eyes can keep track of what needs work and more translation suggestions will be provided in general. Of all the Spanish translations, Spain Spanish seems to be the best one (I’m talking about the total number of elements translated and their accuracy and grammatical correctness, not about the dialect being better or anything, if anyone thinks that), although even it has some issues here and there. I therefore suggest that if you’re going to go the one-Spanish route, you should use Spain Spanish as the basis. Otherwise, use Spain Spanish as the basis for European Spanish and Mexican Spanish as the basis for Latin American Spanish. I believe this will help with the quality of the translations greatly (again, because more eyes will be looking) and therefore make DuckDuckGo more appealing to Spanish-speaking users.

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Many spanish-speaking users asked the opposite, because of the little differences between each Region. On a side note, translations were agreed to be informal.
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Those little differences are not reflected on a site such as DuckDuckGo. Things like “Advance Settings” or even “We Don’t Track You” are expressed exactly the same way in every dialect of Spanish (there are dialects that use the pronoun “vos” for “you” instead of “tú,” but even in those dialects they can understand “tú” just fine). This is what I was referring to when I said “formal speech.” “Informal speech” that would be different depending on the dialect would be things like “Hey, dude, what's up!?” which is language unlikely to appear on DuckDuckGo. And even then, as I've mentioned, a separation between European and Latin American Spanish is enough. As it is, most of the Spanish options are poorly translated anyway.
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I support having different and separate translations, no one likes to be lumped together under an umbrella category. Diversity is the spice of life, and there are a lot of different ways to say things in other countries. My father is from Bolivia and I live very close to Mexico and even in our family we have differences in our spanish.
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But keep in mind that the language being used on a site such as DuckDuckGo (“Search,” “Settings,” “Save to the Cloud,” “More Results,” etc.) is expressed the same way in all dialects of Spanish, because the differences are only noticeable in “casual talk.” Even if all of the current Spanish translations for DuckDuckGo were of the same quality, they would all be nearly identical, and I think that’s just unnecessary duplicated effort. If DuckDuckGo were a work of fiction, an informal essay, or a local ad for something else, then the separation would be justified (although I would still think, at least in the case of the first two, that a European and Latin American Spanish localization would be enough).
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I see what you mean, but you should also consider DDG micro-sites, like http://dontbubble.us , http://whatisdnt.com, etc. ; they are more conversational.
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This is a good question. Personally, I could see a translation overhaul coming soon, but I don't think I'm one to say this. That would be for the Translation Managers. :)
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Duly noted. I know that more of these questions have arise.
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