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I see that searching by date (and not sorting by date) is apparently being developed. I'd really like to see that work.

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I estimate 50% of searches I do on Google I refine by date before clicking on anything (and only reason I use Google in the first place is because of that). To be honest, Google have it pretty much right, an easy way to refine by last day, week, month or year seems the way to go.

Come on DuckDuckGo, it's absolutely imperative that you come up with easy way to sort by date.

p.s. keep up the good work.
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i used to search by date on goo. but then they came up with this -current events- policy. aka 'relevant to today or the changing times. this was their flimsy excuse for catering to the flood of bignow media while at the same time allowing flimmers and flammers to rewrite history. and at the same time it allowed them to bury the stuff they didnt want to keep around for researchers. in otter words if you want history, you gotta find a herenow talking about it.

there is a lot of good stuff from way back. origins. does a good job of that. goo has become pathetic and useless in that regard. maybe in the last year or so they changed, i dont know b/c i already quit the goo.

if i were the duck, i would waddle on over to and do a deal.
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I couldn't agree more. We absolutely need a way to refine the search to 1 week ago, 1 month ago, 1 year ago and custom. Google does this and I use it ver very often because it helps get what I need. I want to shift my search on DDG more and more for obvious reasons.

NOTE: unrelated, but I've been using DDG for nearly 2 year and love it but I want to stop using !g
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It should be under development, so please stay tuned.
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Is this still under development?
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Yep. The web is sufficiently mature now that many searches will show old and unreliable returns. At the very least put a date in the search return blurb.

Like many I find myself at goo for this single reason. Bangs are only a stopgap solution.

(I admit also to using the scholar search function at goo; DDG can't touch it, yet).
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