few ideas which will make searching easier and faster

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Created: 3 years and 11 months ago • Updated: 3 years and 11 months ago
1. The search engine should bold the word written in search tab in the entire page, not in just one paragraph.
2. After 10 or more search results, the search engine should show more results, but paraphrased one ( using synonims ).
3. What if search engine would use tabs for searching. What I mean, the user would see a few tabs with suggested pages and he could see the structure of it and if doesn't like it he skips it by not going in to the page.

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I would also add a caching feature as first suggested a year ago by Derek Meier. Would like to see it along the lines of old skool Google cache - the ability to see a previously saved version of a site. I don't use Google so can't confirm that this feature actually still exists, but would like to see it implemented in DDG, nonetheless.
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I also suggested half a year to use the wayback machine API to see cached web pages

I use it a lot in junction with duckduckgo, so if the ddg has it implemented it would be a win for me, and surely for a lot of people.
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