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If only duckduckgo could have popular services that I can just click to go to like google does. I don't have to type anything to get to those services and that makes google a really good homepage (laziness triumphs). Now I wouldn't mind if you guys were to create links to various popular services on your duckduckgo, like putting gmail, youtube, wikipedia, googlemaps, gmail (@live as well), etc.
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But that's not DDG's mission.

!G is a huge company with vast human and technological resources, all trained on the mission of collecting data about as many people as possible and selling that data to as many entities as possible. Every one of !G's services, while wonderfully functional, are designed in part to enhance their collection capabilities.

DDG is a very small company with the single mission of providing a search environment that doesn't track it's users.
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I think he means link to google services, not DDG's own ones.

In a sense DDG does do this: video search links to youtube, mapbox instant answer does maps etc. It's not the same as a drop down menu of links, but if that is a concern I might suggest bookmarks to OP?
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Ah, I see your point, thanks.
That said, as I see it, DDG and !G are so diametrically opposed philosophically, that I don't see DDG doing anything to promote !G's services on their home pages. The bangs idea posted below is a good idea too, thanks for that!

If one was ambitious enough, they could create their own locally hosted web page with links to whatever sites they wished as well as creating their own DDG search field and use this as their home page. Might be a fun project too.
Here's how to add a DDG to a web page: https://duckduckgo.com/search_box
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