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Since I've been using the Web since, oh, the late '90s, I have over time become so used to just typing "" into the address box (or "") that I keep accidentally going there instead of

Does anyone have any idea at how to retrain myself to not do that?

It might sound pathetic, but it has really almost become second nature unfortunately.

Perhaps I can start typing all addresses with "www." first, so that I will catch myself typing anything that I don't want to before I get too far and press enter?

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well, you could change your hosts files to point !G to DDG. That's probably bit extreme, but would be an interesting experiment. Some routers also allow you to redirect, that's an option too.

It may help to use the short URL: which has the same number of G's in it as !G.

Old habits can be hard to break, but some are worth the hassle!
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I, personally, have never typed the domain of my search engine of choice (neither when I was using Google nor now when using DDG), in order to search. I just used the address bar in my browser (and still do that today). But, I had a IT teacher once, he also always explecitly entered "" into the address bar and pressed enter.

So, for me it has been a problem. Maybe, you could try something along those lines as well? : )

It should be noted that my before-mentioned teacher has been using browser from way back when there no such thing as an "awesome bar" as I think Firefox used to call it.
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