When will duckduckgo make an email service and a separate browser other than chrome, mozilla and i.e.?

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Google reads personal emails and sometimes hands them to the government. When your using a browser it still has some access since your using it when will these things which could become so popular happen?

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It's currently not something that seems to be in the DDG agenda. Tackling search is a big problem and with limited staff and resources it doesn't yet make sense to enter into more highly competitive spaces. Maybe if the landscape continues to evolve with growing popularity in DDG services then it will be something that gets considered.
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Well, I understand the infrastructure of an email service would be quite difficult, but, I would really like to see this happen in the future. A (hopefully soon) mainstream search engine keeping form with regard to its well balanced perspective on privacy. Perhaps even with PGP built in. That would be superb!
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I have actually made a similar post to your post


And it did not go very well, basically I got bad reviews, but I am with you :) I really wish that Duckduckgo would make a browser. I am sure they would do a fantastic job at doing that :)
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I remember that, I have even commented on that article.
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It would be great to see that Duckduckgo would finally make a browser and a e-mail service that does not track users at all, but the unfortunate thing is that they have a limited amount of staff members as said in previous discussions on making a browser, but one thing I don't get, if Duckduckgo has made a search engine app for some Operating Systems, then why can't Duckduckgo make a browser?
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are there other lesser known and perhaps more private browsers out there?
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If you like firefox, (especially before version 29), take a look at Pale Moon. It's my browser of choice and is available for many platforms.

If you prefer Chrome, I'd suggest Comodo Dragon.

In either case, you will still want to use various extensions to help assure your browsing privacy.
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PS, the above are my personal preferences and should not be interpreted as the opinions of duckduckgo.

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In any case you don't want to use another browser but want to continue using the very know browsers such as Google chrome, Firefox or Opera, I would recommend using browser extensions such as Zenmate (VPN), Pirvacyfix or DNT+ or Ghostery ( those all extensions pretty much eliminates tracking cookies and tracking).
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I have a question to ask about Google Chrome as a browser, is it safe to use Chrome in terms of privacy as it's owned by Google?
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No, it's not. As far as I know, Google Chrome automatically sends your data to Google, including anything you type in the address bar, even if you don't search for it (That's how you get suggestions from Google).

The main issue with Chrome is that Chrome is proprietary software, so it's bad software in general, and absolutely NOT trust-worthy, privacy-wise.
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But then what if you didn't sign into chrome, then is it still safe, will chrome still send personal data about you to Google?
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Well I guess they some how still invade your privacy using Chrome, you could use alternatives such as Firefox or Opera (it works like Chrome in terms of functionality except it looks different). You can even use Epicbrowser that has built in privacy features.
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