Is this a sick joke?

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I recently discovered DuckDuckGo and have been using it as my default search engine. After a while I found out about, so I went exploring the site and the help section and then I stumbled upon this page
What I found there is completely disgusting, not only are you monetizing people's deaths, but you are also making a joke of them by saying its a holiday that John McCarthy died as well as Steve Jobs. I get that it may be an accident that you're calling those events holidays, but monetizing their deaths? I don't think there are any excuses for that. Can I get an explanation for this? I've attached images to show what I am complaining about
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I don't understand what's wrong with it, ever heard about anniversaries?
Are you against the holocaust memory for example?
Maybe I miss something...
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Memorial dates are not celebrating someone's death, but rather celebrating and remembering the life they had.
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Someone needs to take a chill pill!
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