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Duckduckgo doesn't seem to make much money, the only way they make money is only through ads (at least I think that is the only way they make money). You know how you make a search then sometimes there would be an ad (only one ad) that is displayed on the top before the rest of your search results, I recommend displaying more ads but move those ads in to the right hand side of the page in order to avoid clutter (this should even look better). I also recommend in the settings to control the amount of ads that can be displayed. If you don't understand then check out the images that I have uploaded.
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It does sound like a good idea but I am not sure if people would want something like this. It could actually make it look more cluttered.
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Here's DDG's income generation model:

I think that many users would be driven away be an ads column, or at a minimum the users would employee ad blocking software on the pages, which would have the same net result - ads not being displayed.
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Not everyone knows about Ad blocking software/addons plus like Google I actually don't mind text based ads (but do not like ads that will track you). I am not asking for Duckduckgo to start using ads to track us but just to display ads on the right hand side of the page and to display more ads but have the option to change the amount of ads to be displayed (and even show next to the ads that you can either turn off or limit the amount of ads displayed).
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If this was ever done, it would be best not to go where Google has gone with an ad at the top (like where DDG's is right now) AND ads down the side (and sometimes even ads at the bottom). It makes it feel like the search results are surrounded and DDG should never do this.

I personally liked the look of the two ads at the top and how DDG did that without taking up more space. However, I believe that an ad should never push a search result down farther than one search result so ads on the side would be the way to go if DDG increased ads above 2.
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I think it is a good idea if Duckduckgo did that, displaying more ads but by putting them on the right hand side to avoid clutter. This will raise more money for Duckduckgo and the more money they receive, the more money they can put into their company's resources and the more they can afford to make new stuff (or services) such as making a browser and email service as many people have been desperately wanting those things (here is a link to check those previous posts out) :

I think that this is a great idea if all of this could happen as long as Duckduckgo won't track you with those ads and there is a visible icon next to the ads indicating you can limit the amount of ads.
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There is a singal to noise problem with this. The more ads there are, the more noise there is, but, because of the annoying non-relevancy of many Bing ads, the same or less signal. I think users would just stop looking at the ads (ceartainly they'd look at them less because they were out of the way, to the right) and this would generate less revenue for DDG.

It would be nice though if you could set the positions of ads in the settings as well as the max (or even min) number of ads. Some people (probably weirdos like me) would like ads (clearly labled) sprinkled throughout their search results, just to see what it was like. Some, like you, might want them on the right. Some might want two at the top, or seven at the bottom, or, as DDG already provides, no ads at all.

I also would like to filter my ads, mostly to avoid ones from (although this would remove the hilarity of finding "atomic weapons on Low, low prices.")
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Doesn't Duckduckgo make money just for displaying the ads?
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