upgrade the duckduckgo icon!

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Created: 4 years and 27 days ago • Updated: 4 years and 27 days ago
The icon used for the duckduckgo is cool...with a duck head wearing a bow tie. But i feel that the icon should be upgraded to something that pulls people towards it. There are lots of opensource community help, that have been pouring out icons, which seem to have been dropped straight from heaven, so much beautiful than the traditional windows and mac icons....GNU/Linux icons are far better and really add the eye-candy.

The first time i saw duckduckgo i neglected it thinking that its some children's game...game for 3-6 years old. Only after many months, that i came to know that its a search engine.

The icon is very cool and nice but i think you should have some serious icon! something that will make people want to know about it. something that people are pulled towards, like ants are pulled towards sugar.

This is just my thinking. I don't know what hidden meaning the icon has but i feel it should be more cool like other opensource projects have..

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seems like people post about changing the duck every now and then on the forums, I think that it needs to be left alone because its unique and identifiable
posted by buckeye 4 years and 27 days ago Link
i agree but the icon doesn't give the required marketing for the wonderful service being provided. for me the icon looks like a children's game. many of my friends didn't even know about this service but have told me that they have seen the icon and thought of it as a game. i agree with you that this is unique and identifiable but i also feel that the icon should be somewhat standard like that you find in mozilla firefox, opera and ubuntu....
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 26 days ago Link
It doesn't even need to be serious - it just needs to look professional.
Right now it doesn't - simple as that.

As a graphic designer it really hurts my eyes. It's not just bad - it's one of the worst I've seen in a very long time. If anyone in our agency would have created such a logo I would have fired that person immediately - except the assignment was a logo for cornflakes packaging in Korea.
posted by <hidden> • 4 years and 22 days ago Link
As someone without any experience in graphic design, what's bad about it? I know it's childish and may give someone the wrong idea about what DuckDuckGo is, but what could be done to make it more professional?
posted by AguaBottle 4 years and 22 days ago Link
I could say the Google logo hurts my eyes. It's not just bad - it's one of the worst I've seen so far.
posted by Mallart 4 years and 21 days ago Link
The logo isn't bad, GAP's redesign was bad.. a few others come to mind (without namedropping a massive list.. but if you do want one, go to Creative Bloq and find their list). The logo for DuckDuckGo is awesome that uses a colour scheme which is very clever and links in with their whole statement. Orange has the pyschologogical effects of warmth, SECURITY, passion and fun. The main duck looks cool anyway and draws the eye more so than Google, I'd rather have a duck then different coloured letters. The logo is very cleverly designed and I love it! (especially the orange).
posted by IBTrey 4 years and 18 days ago Link