make it easy for NOVICES to get and use Duck in I.E.

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I've just left using Firefox after many, many years because of its problems with the Adobe mob.
However, I have severe memory problems due to a stroke some time ago, which means quite often when approaching even a program I may have known well before, I actually have to start from scratch. Even switching to IE has been annoyingly difficult.

It has been quite enlightening particularly over the last year or two as I have tried to become active again out in the Cyberbog and I find myself facing the same argument I used to pose 20 years ago to the nerds in the LINUX field who looked down on anyone expecting to find competent documentation, much less a simple menu support for installation and operation.

Although strictly a user, I was a busy executive and finished up teaching myself how to write scripts in order to program a very simple menu front-end For the Fantastic Osborne Executive just to avoid the horrors of inputting miles of hieroglyphics in the BSOD. Adam Osborne himself was a bit stunned to find out how valuable my simple menu really was. It did wonders for sales in Australia at the time.
Nothing has changed
Just trying to make sense out of obtaining vitally necessary add-in utilities for IE is like swimming at midnight in a Florida swamp.
Even Firefox is today a mile in front of that exercise!

So, there I was, forced into using IE and simply wanted to add the Duck as my primary search engine. Well, I understood why it was not in IE's best interest to make it easy, so I came here.
There is no simple "how to do it" for us Normals on the site here!
We need a simple one hit button here.
I also need a dead simple bit of code to put on my own website which will help me convince people I know to change to the Duck.

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Just by the way, I still haven't found how to do it in either place. :-)
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To add DDG to IE, go to and click on the Set Duckduckgo as your default search engine button and follow the instructions.

Use the information on this page to add a DDG search field to your web site.
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Do you see the button on the homepage? []
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