Flash Player OR watch here, what or where is here ?

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While testing IE's behaviour with YouTube I am presented with ...

<image attached >

Usually I click on "Watch Here"
- it plays OK - but where or what is "here" ?

The "Settings" link on the alert took me to DDG settings https://duckduckgo.com/settings#privacy
- I suspect "Video Playback" is a DDG setting I must edit
- there are three options
1. Prompt me (I guess is the default)
2. Always play me on DDG
3. Open on third paty site

... normally I use PaleMoon browser and IE is for for emergencies only, or when I am desparate.
Today I uninstalled Flash Player on my PC using the Adobe uninstaller
- it definitely removes the PaleMoon plugin ... but I don't know if it removes Flash ActiveX (?) from IE.

Flash Players latest fiasco has left me wary of what I install, so today I clean installed the non-IE plugin, for Palemoon/Firefox.

I don't know what [2.] above uses to render the YouTube . Is it HTML5 ?
And what does [3.] represent ... Flash, HTML5 or something else?

My favourite browser is PaleMoon with DDG as my preferred search engine.
- I don't use the cloud to store settings because I was always losing them, and now append the DDG URL with parameter codes. Several DDG buttons on Palemoon toolbar.

Could anyone point me to a wiki or tutorial/explanation of 'Video Settings" and how do I get to the settings page again ... please ?

Thank you in advance
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It has the same behaviour of what you get on Youtube: depending on your browser settings, if on Youtube you have videos in flash, then DDG shows them in flash too. If you have them in HTML5, DDG shows them in HTML5.
"Whatch here" is just used to show directly the video on the DDG result page.
Help page for videos here.
What do you mean "how do I get to the settings page again" ? Just click on the top-right "hamburger" icon of the results page to show the panel and click "advanced settings".
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