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Created: 3 years and 9 months ago • Updated: 3 years and 9 months ago
I have just read that Google is planning to discriminate between sites based on what they consider is TRUTHFULNESS - based on their assessment of that ! This will mean that only the concensus of scientific bodies or important personages will be allowed to get priority. Anything considered not 'true' will get throttled down - Can you guys say what your plans are on this - we do not need a 'big brother' filtering out knowledge for our 'benefit' !!!!

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Regarding the news presented, DDG will once again NOT be following !G's lead.
posted by x.15a2 Community Leader3 years and 9 months ago Link
On a related note keep in mind that 'truth' and 'fact' are two different, but similar terms.

My impression from your post is that Google wants the consensus of the scientific bodies to take priority over news site that promote misleading info or false/fake science (anti-vaccination groups, climate-change denials, etc). If this is the case I would support Google doing this.
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