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A couple things to do with images.


People have been complaining about a lack of images. Maybe do a little project where users submit pictures on all kinds of topics out of good will. You could name it......"The image project" Will it take up too much memory to keep the pictures?
^Connected to the above, you could add another button under the thanks for getting involved called "I want to contribute" where you can host projects for all the things you need and people can contribute to them. I just thought you'd support it because you seem like such an advocate of crowdsourcing.

Built in image editor widget (see my earlier post about widgets)

And something else. Maybe a list of apps, browser extensions that duckduckgo supports? For example Disconnect and HTTPS everywhere extensions on chrome.

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Duckduckgo should pick up images from wikimedia commons. If you want to add more images and the licensing is okay, you should add images there.

There used to actually be a guide to browser extensions at (archived version). Not sure why it was removed.
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Oh they removed That's sad, I hope it's just under re-design...
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About reverse image search, read the answer here.
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You're not the only one who would like reverse image search. :)

The only problem with this is that we would either construct a huge IA and algorithm to this, or depend on API. Either way, it's a lot of strain on a server to identify that image and search for similar ones, especially when a series of black and yellow bars is identified a school bus by a computer...

We may be able to do this at some point in the future, however.
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