Which is the best, most private secured cloud storage?

JSmith123963 JSmith123963
Created: 3 years and 10 months ago
I would like it if Duckduckgo could make their own cloud storage as this is the company I trust but since it is not available, I want to know a could service that protect our users privacy such as by not giving any information to the NSA unlike Onedrive and GoogleDrive. Thank you :)

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DuckDuckGo is dedicated to search and so we have no plans to create a cloud storage solution (except for optionally saving your DDG settings . The company and community are focused on creating and maintaining Instant Answers to power a better search experience. If you'd like to get involved there, we'd love your help.
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You should have read the whole thing. I was just saying that since Duckduckgo hasn't made a cloud storage, I want to know the best cloud storage that protects users' privacy.
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You're right and I apologize for not more thoroughly reading your post, thanks for calling me out on it.

I use a PogoPlug device, in which all of the files are stored on a device in my home and available in the cloud. Here's part of PogoPlug's security statement:
Files stored locally on your Pogoplug-connected hard drives remain safe in your home or office, and we do not keep a copy of any of your files on our servers. We also do not store your account password on our servers. When you transmit files to Pogoplug they are encrypted using 256-bit SSL, which is the same encryption protocol that your online banking system uses to protect access to your account. Of course, if you desire additional security, you may encrypt your individual files before sending them to Pogoplug, and our product will store the encrypted files, offering an additional layer of protection since one must unlock the files directly after downloading them.

It looks as though PogoPlug no longer sells plug devices, but they are available for very low cost from many online sources and are fully supported by PogoPlug. Simply add a USB drive and you're set to go.
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I've not tried it but SpiderOak claims to be a "zero-knowledge" cloud storage service. Here's a thorough review of it: http://arstechnica.com/business/2012/04/...
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I prefer OwnCloud - it's under your control.
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