How to make DuckDuckGo more popular?

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How to make more people know about DuckDuckGo search engine?
Well, I found out about your search engine on website, however I still think that most users did not heard about it yet.
If you encourage users (promo video) to use your browser, you can bring more users.
a) I think one way would be to donate some percentage of Ads earnings to charity funds (children and others). This would encourage users to use DuckDuckGo browser more. Since part of funds is going to charity, most of people would support it by using your browser.
b) When user sets DuckDuckGo as a default search engine, DuckDuckGo donates to charity some amount (it can be also part of company Ads earnings).
c) actually, this can be ongoing company policy. You search, we donate :)

Promo video
In promo video (cartoon or real video), you can show features of DuckDuckGo search engine, how it improves user experience, benefits.
In video we can also mention this search and donate feature.

Now, to make this action become popular and viral, you can inform major sites like who may find this action interesting and will likely spread the news.

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Hi. There is a promo video already. It's from a couple of years ago but it's still relevant:

Also, DuckDuckGo makes a charitable donation every year to free and open source projects. Half of the allocation is decided by the company and half is decided by the community. The nomination suggestions for 2015 are in this thread:

The next thing is to make these popular and viral, as you suggest, which is probably the hardest part!
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They should have an updated video and promote that video.
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UPDATE: They just announced which projects will get donations this year:
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As for the current donations, they are nice and great effort from the company. However, this donations are almost a secret one (which is good but it is not a marketing tool that will bring users), mainly because its displayed only on company profile or Blog page. So, users mostly don't know about it.

I would show this to users in the search page. When user uses search, you can place some png or gif image to display donation counts (counting funds). This way users will be more familiar with the company policy of donating funds (lets say percentage of Ads). This is a win-win for all. Company will grow traffic and users, charity will get funds, people will like it.

You could update current video (I think duck animation and logo can be a lot better) and than contact websites, newspapers (websites), blogs and use all other ways (Twitter, Facebook,...) to promote and bring more users.
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The !bang shortcuts are for some users to technical. The thing is if my parents use DuckDuckGo search engine they are to lazy or can't understand these methods. For young people is it no problem.

Maybe additional Shortcuts as simple Buttons/Links directly visible?
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I think this is a great idea, but here is a little addon, there should be an agreement between Duckdukgo and a charity organisation (lets just say World Vision) where Duckduckgo gives the money to World Vision and in turn World Vision promotes Duckduckgo on their website and on other media forms.
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Yes, I agree with that.
Maybe you can add few more charity organisations, but World Vision is great, you can't miss with that one.
This would be great for marketing and its good for all. Its a win-win for all, for company, for children (or other charity) and for users.
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I agree the promo video needs an update and more noteriety. However, I disagree about donations.

Donating whenever you search seems very stupid and evil. Whenever I see something like that, I think "why don't they just donate all they've got now?" This is the beauty of what DDG does right now because they do it from their hearts instead of because of marketing advice.

I also think a running counter would stuff it into your face like "look how much we donate to charity! I sure hope you use the search engine that donates to charity!" Actually, if you live on the west coast of Canada, you'd know what I mean. Search "telus charity donations." Yes, Telus does nice things, but I still don't like them.

I agree that it would be nice if DDG donated more to third-world or environmental charities, but DDG's current actions fit more with their corporate vision (to create a private search engine with awesome answers). Privacy on the web is always priority, though unfortunatly not many people know about it (nor care; I do though and I love DDG's donations).

What would be cool is if people could donate under DDG's name. SInce DDG is a company, you can't really donate to them, but if you could say, donate to CBC's food bank day to get DDG mentioned as a donor with a "Google tracks you, we don't" message, that might be good. This would have to be controlled by DDG of course otherwise there might be some unintended consequences.

Try getting a shirt or writing "Google spies on you, We don't:" on whiteboards. If you can convert one more person to DDG, that's one more person with private search and good answers.

We all love DDG. And I bet you can find some more ways to help out yourself (like making a proto-promo-video and posting it for DDG staff and community members to look over and improve).
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Well, I get your point.
However, how can you say its evil ? Did someone cheats with that? Bill Gates told he will give funds to charity , and is he evil now. I think not. Since you brought subject to moral and religion, I can give you answer in this scope. Giving money and telling others about it is not bad, its just that it will not be counted for heaven place. Read it a bit, and dont judge too soon.

If we speak about evil (as you started to point on it), is it evil to have 180 billion dollars in your gyro account? One company has this money on their pocket. Now I ask you as you are expert for evaluating evil, is it evil to have this money on gyro account and not giving to others? I bet you will say its super duper moral as they earned it.

I really dont care, I just mentioned one good strategy. DuckDuckGo can go in fight with Goliath (one company that starts with G name), and Goliath will beat them to dust in their teritory. They got money, resources, everything. I just don't see how DuckDuckGo can beat Goliath in their teritory and using same way.

As for thinking that Google spies people, well guess what, people don't care about it. We just live in society that does not care about it. Same is with other things. Also people believe as long as they don't do anything wrong, they dont care about spying. People would not join Facebook if they care for privacy. Its all online.
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As for donating for every search, its not what I meant. Donating is from percentage of Ads, I just throwed idea without some deeper thinking how to implement it.
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I am trying to use DuckDuckGo as my default search engine, but I find myself always going back to Google when I need to find a page that I expect to be finding. The DDG results don't seem to factor in regional placement of websites as well as Google. For example, searching for "RidgeView Townhomes" should present real estate developments in Canada at the top of the results, but instead we get US results first, followed by Canadian results further down. The same search in Google gives the expected results. So, the search results need to be better to build the user base.
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Yes, I discovered that shortly after I posted. However, it only had incremental improvements. That may have had more to do with lacking with the website and DDG could not discern the geographic location of it?
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What a good idea! I think donate function is a very viral element
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