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The search engine optimization can incorporate an AI browser agent that will learn to be personalized on the PERSON'S CHARACTERISTICS and NEEDS. The person (after creating an account) can additionally mention his interests like- #Computer Programming #Video Games.

The computer will cater to his search needs based on the given topics.

If I searched for "Python"
Result = "Python Computer Language" Not "Python, the Snake species"

That is because I have put #Computer Programming and not #AnimalPlanet.

This will add to the personalization features like themes et cetra.
This feature can be similar to the ones seen in Flipboard(app) to show only relevant news.
However, the only key concern in this is to ensure privacy.

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Sounds like bubbled search results. Which is one reason people use DDG in the first place because they don't bubble your results. Nice idea though. It would be great if they had a news feed option which could include custom search queries subscriptions which would be entered in a septate search bar from the main search engine.
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