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Hi, all!

With the help of an awesome DDG community member (Nick), the very first community-run developer meetup is happening this Saturday (April 4th) at AlleyNYC in New York City. The theme of the event is to create cheat sheet Instant Answers (more on that below) but the purpose of the event is to foster our local developer communities. We want to empower our contributors to help lead our community and search engine forward through open source! If you'd like to host a DuckDuckHack event in your city, let us know by emailing hackathon@duckduckgo.com

--- During the Event ---

1. Eat, mingle and be merry!
2. Use the resources below, the DDG staff, and each other to create cheat sheet Instant Answers for your favorite topics and searches.
-> Think of an idea
-> Use the docs, examples, and chat channels to create it.
-> Submit a pull request
3. Let your organizer (Nick) know what you created (or how far you got).
4. The DuckDuckGo staff and community will work with you until your Instant Answer is released.

General Instant Answer Resources

DuckDuckHack Documentation:

All current Instant Answers (page in beta):

Cheat Sheet Resources

Cooking cheat sheets:

Big directory of programming cheat sheets :

SysAdmin cheat sheets:

Current cheat sheet Instant Answers:
CronTab (code)
GIMP (code)
RegEx (code)
TMux (code)
Emacs (code)
Vim (code)
DuckDuckGo shortcuts (code)

Support Channels



Dev Email List:

Have fun!


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