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derekkstr derekkstr
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Dear all,

I accidentally added a translation twice.
It is on this translation:

The translation: "Startpagina Animaties" is totally wrong and I don't know how to delete my own translation.


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When I try to delete it I only make it worse. Also on translation /tokenlanguage/129885
Is my translation: "Toon Web of Vertrouwde iconen voor elk resultaat" wrong.
The other one is right.
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No problem derekkstr, I set them as invalid.
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There is one time I sent a string twice because I could not edit/remove the wrong one I did first. And it was just a simple tupo!

Maybe we can have a kind of link to mark our own strings as wrong/bad/deletable.

Even better, we could mark other people's translation as good or as bad (with both counts shown, so others can decide to vote for them). For the bad markers, a comment can be useful to explain the reasons (if needed).

Some reasons can be good and valuable for voting on them (either as good or bad): word errors; gramatical errors; wrong in the context (which is a bit hard to completely check, and sometimes varies differently in each language/culture); unclear sentence, finding a better one can help.

Sometimes I don't vote for translation because they are bad. But if it already has more votes than a right one, it may be slower for it to be substituted. It may depending on reading comments, and so on. A hard path. With the values being voted this can be mashed up more quickly.

Strings that are already translated and/or used but don't have enough good qualities for most translators can be given a higher priority to be shown to them one more time.

What do you think? (and if someone else want to discuss this here, we shold copy my post a new thread)
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The delete feature is available only to Translation Managers, but a down voting could be a nice idea for every user. I'll propose your suggestions to the other TMs.
posted by <hidden> • 3 years and 9 months ago Link
I would like this! I have seen some translations to Portuguese-BR that were technically wrong (in a way that should not be done in any site, and even less in some site like this one).

With a down vote (+ justified? Even better!) we could make these easily shown to other translators/voters that might be unware of the situations, but if they only suspected - and that's where the down votes should strive for improvements.
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