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Hello all,

I didn't know where to open a ticket, so please forgive me if this is the wrong place. I'm Vollturi, a new user at DuckDuckGo website. I wanted to share with the community that most of my visitors at my Sellfy shop that i sell Web buttons, flyers etc, comes from and -50% maybe from Google. I don't know if Google now is with bad results from Digital Shops or what is going on, but im really glad that DuckDuckGo is open and exist . I wanted to thank the team of DuckDuckGo . I can see also my Creativemarket shop and some other shops of mine that the visitors i got also from DuckDuckGo and not from Google or Bing. It's a great ! Amazing Website guys .

p.s Im from Albanian/Kosovo so sorry for my bad english, and i share this site to all my Friends from there .. :)

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Great to read this! I'm spreading the word about DuckDuckGo here in my country too (Argentina)
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