Setting DDG as default search engine in Chrome Version 41.0.2272.118 (64-bit)

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I find it impossible to set DDG as the default search engine in Chrome. I've read everything in the forums, done everything suggested and nothing ever works. One helpful person stated, "As stated directly above this post, you can manually add DDG as an option by deleting your existing DDG search extension from Chrome's preferences menu, and then simply create a new addition by adding the following code".

DDG is not listed under "Default Search Settings". It is listed below under "Search Engines added by Extensions" (See screenshot please), but there is nothing to do to make this create DDG as the default search engine. I highlight it and click done and still nothing changes.

Is it really this difficult to make DDG be the default search engine in Chrome? It seems strange to me that this is such a puzzle and it does not speak well for either Chrome or DDG.

Any help with this would greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Thank you all for the many comments, questions and suggestions. Particular thanks go to user x.15a2 for constantly monitoring, replying and helping so many users here. To continue these discussions, please head over to the DuckDuckGo subreddit.

Fill in the form:
Line 1 = Duckduckgo
Line 2 = duckduckgo
Line 3 =
and click ‘save’

You should now have Duckduckgo listed as a Search Engine.
It will probably be near the bottom of the list, perhaps under ‘Other Search Engines’
Select the line with Duckduckgo in it – so that it is highlighted, then click on ‘Make Default’
The line with Duckduckgo in it should now have the tag:- (Default)

And now you will be able to search with DDG.
Kudos to the user who created the guide.
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