Is there a way to display more than about 140 images?

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Hello guys,
When I search for anything and I click on "images", there's a display of 35 images that I can overcome by clicking on "+ more" a few times. But the new limit is somewhere between 135 and 140 depending on what you search (for instance searching for "test" in duckduckgo currently returns 136 images at most).
I find this limit extremely low (I was/am a google user and I'm used to see between 1000 and 2000 images, sometimes even more). Thus for me the current limit of about 135 images is a huge drawback that prevents me to fully switch to duckduckgo. I am wondering whether there's a way to overcome this 135-140 limit for displayed images. I couldn't find the answer on the web, so please enlighten me.
Thank you.

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Currently, I believe, you cannot see more than 135-140 images per search, I've tried to see more as well when I needed it for a school project and I ended up Binging it or Googling for more images.

It's a great idea, and DDG surely needs way more images than just 140. Hopefully the dev team will somehow expand it.
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Ok thanks for the reply! I also think the same.
I'll keep using duckduckgo for searching stuff but for images I'll use google for now.
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