Hi, How do I make DDG my default browser?

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I want to make DDG my default browser..I've been searching around, but seemed to end up nowhere.
Do i need to download anything?
Pls can someone help asap.


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Hi, thanks for using DDG!

First, a point of clarification: DuckDuckGo is a search engine and not a browser. Browsers are programs like FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc. Browsers are used to access web sites, including DDG.

That said, it is impossible to know how to set DDG to be the default search in your browser without knowing which Operating System (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android) or browser you are using. Please provide this information so we can determine if\how DDG can be your default search engine.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Mine is Windows 7. Currently using Opera (latest version). Using laptop.

Any recommendation for browser that does not track nor associated with Goog?

I did some searches but many seemed to use Google as their search feed. Googie is dangerous, so is Mozzie. These 2 seemed hell bent in curtail others into search privacy. I tried typing VPN in those 2 browsers and for the whole day they two keep crashing, but when i typed in "nike shoes", "youtube", "candy recipes"...they seemed fine.
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This page provides information for using DDG with a variety of browsers.

Regarding browsers, I would suggest Firefox or Pale Moon (a Firefox split) and various privacy extensions available with them.
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Thanks folks for all your input.

I think I should say Mozzie = Mozilla...and unfortunately it kept crashing like Google Chrome since a day ago. Both were never like that. But Opera so far seemed fine, that's what I'm using currently. But the thing about Opera is even though it said can use DDG as default browser and I have certainly set it so, Googie still stick as the default. Yucks!

Yeah, perhaps I should look into Privacy badger, pale Moon all that.
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again and as already stated above - duckduckgo is not a browser it is a search tool. opera is your browser

knowing and using the correct terms is important when seeking help
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