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Created: 3 years and 7 months ago • Updated: 3 years and 7 months ago
Should I use a virus scanner on my iMac and Mac air? If so which one?

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This is not related to DDG, we speak about the search engine here. Anyway yes, it's a good practice to use a virus scanner on Mac too.
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Instead of posting non-Duckduckgo articles you should post them at Yahoo answers as this Forums is only for Duckduckgo related articles. To answer your question, you don't really need an anit-virus protection for OS X (an operating system that runs on IMac and Macbook Air). In Windows you should as there are a lot more malware compared to OS X but you don't really need one. However, if you are a guy who downloads a bunch of softwares constantly then maybe you should use one :)
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No matter what OS you are using, you should ALWAYS install an antivirus and additionally you should install a VPN, to ensure your safety.
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On linux installing an antivirus would be a total waste.
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The chances to get one is so little that is negligible. A user needs to be really bad at computer to get one and let it do anything... anyway everyone do whatever makes you more comfortable, If you feel more secure with an antivirus, install it.
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Using DDG to perform my search, I found the following article that might be helpful for you:

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