So, Using Firefox 37.0.2 having changed my default search to DDG, I search for a Hilti product fix, then Hilti ad shows up on Facebook tab. Why?

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Isn't exactly what I expected from a privacy protecting search.

Is it that Facebook has access to Firefox somehow?

(one of the subtabs I opened from the search results was simply - so presumably facebook accesses the list of tab sites? that sux. )


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Indeed that's because you visited, probably in that page there was a facebook like button or they use a cookie, that's enough for FB to track you. DDG lets you make private searches but can't protect you on other web pages.
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Remember that once you leave the ddg results page and visit another Web site, ddg can no longer protect you. It's possible the the Hilti site drops a cookie that FB uses. FB is a huge personal data mining operation and will use cookies and other methods to track your browsing activities. There are probably FF extensions that will help block FB activities.
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In Firefox, check out the following addons to protect your privacy from third-party trackers such as Facebook:
- Ghostery blocks third-party trackers on pages you visit. You can also selectively allow trackers you do want (I never have). (Search "ghostery" in Firefox Addons)
- PrivacyBadger ( blocks third-parties that persistently track you after you've sent a Do Not Track message. DDG donated some money to them recently, but they're still in beta.
- NoScript blocks JavaScript by domain name. You can then allow JavaScript for a particular domain (such as ""). It won't stop them from tracking your page requests, but it will stop them from tracking your scrolling, engagement and mouse over.

Also in Firefox you can go to Preferences/Options, go over to the Privacy tab, change "Firefox will: Remember history" to "Use custom settings for history," then change "Accept third-party cookies: Always" to "Never." Now, third-party trackers (such as Google Analytics) can't place cookies on your computer but sites you visit can.

Hope this helped. Good luck with taking back your privacy

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