DDG should be on Internet.org - free internet

jwalantsoneji jwalantsoneji
Created: 3 years and 7 months ago
Please develop and add DDG to "free" internet - https://www.internet.org/projects

Going to serve and reach to a very, very large audience who doesn't have internet connectivity on their phones as yet.

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You should be aware of the fact that FB will collect data from all users of this sevice. This is the aim of this project. More data = more money. I don't think that DuckDuck would like to give it's user data to FB (well I wouldn't like them to do so).
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Not really sure what kind of data FB is to collect there.
Can you please provide fb link suggesting what will be stored if anything?

If the data is to allow someone to internet.org and then if its not tracking what the user does there, don't think that should be an issue.

In that case its like ISP knowing you have the internet connection but not really monitoring what you do there.
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