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So I'm a little puzzled why people use DuckDuckGo. It's great and intuitive, however content is still being significantly filtered out of what you see. All Adult content for instance is still filtered with no way around it, including image searching. It's not really a "Search Engine" if results are censored.

Any tips? This issue has been brought up for years however it never seems to get resolved. Just puzzles me is all, the results are there, but they're being hidden: for who?

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Results are not censored, if you don't get adult results even if you disabled safe-searching, then it's a bug or a relevancy problem.
About images, yes, they're censored and currently you can't disable a safe-search for them. I think they're working on implementing it for images too.
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Yeah, if you can turn off the "censorship", you're not being censored. At all.
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That's simply not true. "If you're a child don't read any further" :)

If you do a picture search with a very common "soft" adult keyword like for example "pus**" on DuckDuckGo and Startpage with safesearch off on both "search engines" you see the difference.

It is censored on DuckDuck you get pictures of cats :)

If it's a kid search engine you should advertise it so everyone knows and no one will try use it for por*.

Otherwise you should not filter anything if the user sets it to "off".
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People use DDG for (maybe) three main reasons:
- No tracking; DDG doesn't track you (
- Instant Answers; DDG has Instant Answers that give you answers immediately
- Good design; As you pointed out, DDG has good design

(Also, I use DDG because it's awesome).

DDG filters results in three cases:
- If it's "Adult" and SafeSearch is enabled (this can be disabled at
- If it's a "content-mill" meaning it's from a website that churns out low-quality information
- If DDG doesn't now about it; DDG doesn't have the money to crawl as much of the web as Google or Bing (DDG does use Yandex and other search indexes, but those are way smaller than Google's)

Usually however (unless you're searching really super-obscure or for something "Adult") DDG is great.
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May I add just one more thing.
DDG is more informative since you first choose context for your searches through instant answers. Then you see first lines from wikipedia. Then first site is, if DDG know it, the official site.
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