DDG is inaccessible in Windows

ineuw ineuw
Created: 3 years and 7 months ago
My home page and search engine is DDG on a variety of browsers I am testing, but it's not accessible on any one of them in Windows 7. - with or disabled add-ons (FF. 18.05). But it works fine in Linux based OS as I am accessing this from Firefox 38.01 in Xubuntu, and the same is accessible from Macbook OS 10.75.

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Is any other website accessible with FF 18.05?
P.s. you should update FF :)
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Do you have screenshots/error messages?
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Thanks to you both for the replies and questions.

Every website was accessible except DDG. As for the FF browser version, please accept my apologies. It's the beta version 38.05 not 18.05.

The only message I got in the end is a timeout. Otherwise, I would have made screenshot.

At the time of this post, (16:23 UDT) DDG function has returned to all Windows based browsers
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