Firefox DDG search has no pick list of possible search results

ineuw ineuw
Created: 3 years and 8 months ago
I am looking to activate the drop down list of possible searches in Firefox 38.05. DDG is the home page, the default search engine, selected in Options, and set in the Keyword Search 1.1.5 add-on as well. This feature works in FF 38.05 for Linux/Xubuntu, but I don't know what should be enabled in Win 7 to get the same feature. Also, a link or a pointer to info on the addon options would be most helpful.

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I'll try to help, though this might be better answered in the Firefox support forums.

On the FF search field, click on the little magnifying glass, then select Change Search Settings. You are now presented a list of all available search engines. If DDG is the only one in the list, click on the Restore Default Search Engines button and the searches will appear. You can now add or remove from the list to suite your needs.
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Thanks for your advice. What I was looking for was right under my nose:
"Provide search suggestions" but it doesn't work. Also took a snapshot of my Xubuntu 14.04 FF/DDG add-on setup, where the suggestions work, and set up Win 7 FF DDG add-on accordingly. Restoring all search engines is not a good idea for me - which I tried, but other search engines want to get in the act. I selected DDG as the default and it was automatically replaced by Yahoo search - which I consider to be the Huffington Post of search engines.

. . . and now as I write this and for the past 20 minutes, is down again. This forum is OK, and everything else is OK.
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