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I would like to know if there is a way to find the uses a string has on the site. While translating, I see and feel that some translations could get better, and with a clear guarantee, if we could promptly test it live. In other words, we should have some kind of comment to translators to help with this possible step(although not always necessary, but much useful).

These comments could be made by translators too, and potentially shared (if made in English) among all languages, for most cases I imagine now.

Is this idea new? Or is there something I don't know around here, in the translating pages?

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Under each string you can see a field for Token Notes, that's where the token context is explained when available (must be in english only). And at the very end of each token page there's place for user comments too, where you can discuss about it (in your language).
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If I need some Token Notes for a string that have none, and (probably at the same time) think that they could be useful for it, can I suggest or request it somehow?

I have used the comments a few times, and the basic idea with them, for me, is to discuss possibilities, choices, proofs/reason for some translation being good or bad, and so on. Not for context (that shold be not part of "discussions", ideally).
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Yes, you can ask for context here on the forum.
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You can indeed ask it in the General Forum but you can also add a question on the specific domain or specific token with the discussion option.

For example:

You can see if there is an active Translation Manager for the language at the GitHub Translation Manager wikipage.

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